Quite simply I’m the daughter of an alcoholic. He died in his 50’s of alcohol abuse. You’d think therefore I’d not drink. Unfortunately that’s not the case. I’m part of the ‘glass of wine’, will make it all better, generation. I’m a professional woman, a single parent. The statistics say we’re one of the largest groups likely to drink regularly (5+ days a week) and often drink alone at home. I guess I’m certainly part of that statistic at the moment.  This is a diary/documentation of my journey to alcohol freedom, I’ve tried cutting down, it just doesn’t work very well for me.  My father died in his early 50’s, an alcoholic, alone, having lost his family, he simply drank himself to death. Such a waste. As for me I’m in my mid 40’s, I’ve got a good job and a nice family, I should be happy. I tend to drink a bottle of wine a night, 9 units a day – 7 days a week.  I function pretty well, I’m quite active, I hold down a job and I’m a good parent. So why the ‘bottle of wine a night’?

My average weekly alcohol units are in the region of 60+ per week and have been for probably 12 years or so, whilst I’m generally healthy, hardly ever at the Dr….. sooner or later something’s got to give hasn’t it?

This is my journey and I’ll be honest.