As nightfall beckons – day 2

by alcoholicsdaughter

Well, despite finding it really difficult, (scrabbling around for enough pennies, literally to try and buy a can of cider at the local shop) I’ve managed so far to keep telling myself I have a big work meeting tomorrow and thankfully I didn’t have enough money anyway to actually head out to the local shop.

I could have got dressed and driven, but that seemed a bit insane. So despite myself thus far it’s been a night free of any alcohol. If I’ve achieved nothing else then I’ve had two alcohol days this week, which is so much more than in a while!

Think of the calories saved 600-700 per night just from wine. No wonder I’m heavierthenI’ve ever been in my life.

My skins not great, I’m developing those little spider veins on my face. That’s not great, read about those and it’s scary. Could I have cirrohsis? Or is that insane. I’ve never been to the doctors, I’m too ashamed.

Day 2 – zero units

I should be proud but my pathetic hunting for pennies earlier has disgusted me.