Day 1. As evening falls and the wine monkeys begin a calling…

by alcoholicsdaughter

I’ve gone and done it. I’ve avoided the wine monkey’s hollering tonight. I can’t say I wasn’t tempted,as that would be a big fat lie. I’ve locked my purse in the desk at work incase I was tempted. Desperate measure or childish tricks but hey, if you’ve no cash you can’t buy any wine.

The first day is often easier as the guilts still with me. I’ve been reading alot today and gone over to the site ‘the drinking diaries’  this article on unwritten drinking contracts caught my eye

Interesting hearing others folks boundaries and perspectives. I do wonder if I have to gibe up drinking entirely or am I insane to think I can just not drink alone?


Well that’s certainly something to think about.

I wonder if I will sleep? I normally need to drink to sleep.

Night night.

Units – zero.